La Canne Sparring – Vigny Method  2015 July

Defense dans la Rue DVD Vol.2 – Latest Teaser  2015 June

New Clip La canne Vigny Vol.3 2012 Dec

Bootfighter Catalogue   2012 Feb

La canne, Savate’s Walking Stick Weapon Art – Black Belt magazine – originally Published 2005

New Clip La canne Vigny Training – 2 2010 Dec

New Clip  La canne Vigny Training – 1 2010 Dec

 Training DVDs

“Heavy Cane” – Vigny Walking Stick

Double- Handed Guard

Lang’s Sneaky Stick (Part I) The Front Guard

Lang’s Sneaky Stick (Part II)  The Head Cut

Quick Flick of the Wrist

La canne Vigny Training

More La canne Vigny Training

Ladies of English aristocracy

The defeat of the hooligan

The principle of “closing and opening the body’ and its practical application in Vigny la canne

Common walking-stick a powerful weapon of self-defense

“Bartitsu” method of self-defence

Parasol for defense

 Hosted on James Farthing’s web site. This historical article includes brief instruction in the use of the parasol, as taught by Pierre Vigny’s wife.

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